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Wind Turbine Heating Unit

Wind Turbine Heating Unit

It has changed from heating in small regional coal-fired boilers to centralized heating in clean air heating stations, realizing a new transformation from “coal” to “wind” heating methods.

The wind energy heating unit uses a wind turbine to drive an electromagnetic eddy current heat pump to convert mechanical energy into heat energy, and the heat energy enters the heat storage unit with the antifreeze as the conduction medium.Then exchange hot water from the heat storage unit for heating or bathing.

Wind Turbine Heating Unit
Wind Turbine Heating Unit

Application scenario

5kw-20kw wind energy electromagnetic eddy current heating unit, suitable for remote power-scarce areas with good wind resources, can provide heating for border posts, pastoral households and other buildings with a heating area of less than 200 square meters. It is more economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly than conventional heating methods.The unit is easy to transport and install, has a simple and reliable structure, is easy to operate and maintenance-free, and can meet the ultra-low temperature environment of minus 40℃. It can also be used for heating and bathing in outposts, observation stations, pastoralists, high-speed service areas, factories and mining enterprises, etc.; It can also be used for heating vegetable greenhouses, seafood farming, flower houses, and poultry.


Wind Turbine Heating Unit

Use renewable energy without carbon emissions

Wind Turbine Heating Unit

Low environmental impact, the height of the wind wheel is less than 40 meters, does not affect urban planning, noise

Wind Turbine Heating Unit

Energy-saving, low heating costs, and more than 30% higher heating efficiency than ordinary electricity

Wind Turbine Heating Unit

As long as there is wind, it is not affected by the power load, especially in areas with weak power and off-grid areas to provide heat.

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