Integrated Energy

Integrated Energy

Integrated Energy

Off-grid micro-grid

Off-grid microgrids are places where large power grids cannot be laid. They use small-scale power generation, transmission, distribution, electricity consumption, and energy storage systems established within the region to generate electricity in a multi-energy complementary manner. They can be composed of wind power, photovoltaic power generation, water conservancy power generation, marine energy power generation, energy storage systems and other forms.The energy management system performs intelligent management and deployment of the power generation side and the electricity consumption side to solve the power supply problem in areas without electricity that cannot be laid by the large power grid.

Integrated Energy
Integrated Energy

Grid-connected micro-grid

Grid-connected microgrids are mainly used in industrial parks, enterprises, towns, gas stations and other places where large power grids exist, and microgrids can be connected to large power grids.Through the energy management system, the complementary utilization of a variety of renewable energy sources is realized, and it provides users with green renewable energy with high reliability, high power quality, low cost and low transmission distance. It can be connected to the grid or off-grid, and can realize the functions of grid-connected power control, seamless switching, peak-cutting and valley-filling, power grid support, reactive power compensation, and smooth new energy output.

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