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  Jenmour New Energy advocates the professional concept of “putting people first and encouraging talents”, and realizes the common development of the company and employees as the strategic goal of human resources.Jinma New Energy formulates human resource planning based on the overall strategic plan, continuously improves employee training and development mechanisms, and establishes flexible and diverse incentive mechanisms to effectively motivate and give full play to employees' abilities, continuously enhance employees' loyalty and sense of belonging to the enterprise, provide a good space for employee development, and create a people-oriented employment environment.
Competitive recruitment system
The company adopts an open, fair and fair competitive recruitment system, so that every employee can get a fair promotion.Employees themselves can also put forward their own selection expectations and requirements based on their own characteristics and job requirements.
Pay attention to talent training
Jenmour New Energy has a sound talent training mechanism to provide employees with education and learning opportunities to continuously improve their skills. For employees at different levels and positions, it focuses on the development of a number of talent training projects to improve the comprehensive quality of employees and cultivate all-round talents for enterprises.
Career planning
Jenmour New Energy attaches great importance to the career development of its employees, has created a broad space for personal development for its employees, and provides employees with a "two-track" development channel where "horizontal" and "vertical" coexist.Jinma New Energy strives to fully understand the personal needs and professional development wishes of its employees, provide them with challenging development opportunities, and create the greatest space for development.
Comfortable working environment
Jenmour New Energy advocates that work design should give more consideration to reflecting the personal wishes and values of employees, create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, gradually implement a flexible working system, increase the flexibility of working hours, establish a corporate style and corporate culture that focuses on team friendship, and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.

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