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Energy Development Investment

Energy Development Investment

Relying on the strong industrial capabilities of Jinma Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Jenmour New Energy Co., Ltd., in the early stage of equipment sales and project development, relying on existing equipment, combined with financial leasing, contract energy management and other channels. Obtain low-cost and high-quality funds for project development and equipment sales to help the company's global marketing work.In the future, Jinma New Energy will continue to focus on research and development of large-capacity power storage, heat storage, and cold storage technologies, and use wind and heat combined with electric heating to coordinate needs. Steadily promote the construction of new energy heating and other projects, as well as the research and development and application of key technologies such as intelligent micro-grid, big data analysis, and centralized management of wind farms.


Jenmour New Energy

Jenmour New Energy Co., Ltd.

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