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Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

The wind power unit adds a screw compressor to the wind turbine, and the screw compressor is directly dragged through a high-speed gearbox, which makes the unit equipped with heating and power generation functions, and it is more efficient and energy-saving; combined with ground source heat pumps, it can realize the heating needs of communities, factories and other places; it can generate electricity when there is no heat demand, and it can be used for spontaneous self-use and free Internet access.

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit


30kw-500kw wind energy electromagnetic eddy current heating and power generation integrated unit, heating in severe winter, power generation in summer, or simultaneous heating and power generation, can be connected to the grid or off-grid operation; It has a multi-energy supply micro-grid mode; the maximum heating area of a single unit can reach 10,000 square meters, suitable for industrial parks without electricity, factory communities without electricity, heating factories and greenhouses, and heating for aquaculture and aquaculture.


Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

Modular design

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

The efficiency ratio of heat production is greatly improved

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

Oil wells in remote oil and gas fields are powered by electricity and pipes are heated

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

Solve the heating needs of cold villages, towns and factories and reduce carbon emissions

Wind Turbine Thermal Unit

It is suitable for the heat and electricity needs of factories and mining enterprises, resorts, hotels, and high-speed service areas in remote and remote areas without power grids, as well as factory seafood farms, agricultural greenhouses, and large-scale centralized heating.

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