Smart energy

Smart Energy 

Relying on the smart energy integrated service platform to carry out wind power operation and maintenance services, it is committed to the research and development and sales of smart fans and the dynamic monitoring of smart wind farms. In the fields of comprehensive utilization technology development of smart wind power and smart power grids, we will continuously improve our R&D capabilities and technical level, and actively build ecological smart energy.

Build a renewable energy management system and fully tap big data. Through this system, we can realize real-time status inspection and monitoring of power generation equipment, etc., and we can also predict the future based on historical data, as well as optimize technological innovation and equipment based on the data to improve energy utilization.Through intelligent analysis of the operating status of fans in different wind farms, and grasp the dynamics of fans at any time, problems can be discovered and repaired in time.Use the latest big data analysis and Internet of Things technology to change the management mode of wind power generation, optimize the performance of the generator, and provide important guarantees for maintaining the normal operation of the fan.

Smart Energy

At present, Jenmour New Energy's distributed grid-connected intelligent micro-grid technologies are mature, and there is no need to build a large power grid for long-distance high-voltage transmission, which can greatly reduce line loss. It saves investment in power transmission and distribution construction, and can be operated in isolation or combined with centralized power supply of large power grids to provide users with reliable and high-quality electrical energy. Solve the power supply in areas without electricity, and meet the user's needs for power supply reliability and personalization.

Distributed Solutions for Enterprises and Parks

Smart Energy

Adopting the mode of spontaneous self-use and Internet access of surplus electricity, our company signed a "Contract Energy Management Agreement" with the enterprise and the park, and with the cooperation of the owner, completed the project for approval.Either Jenmour Investment or the owner's own investment can be made.Use clean and green electricity at a price much lower than that of industrial and commercial electricity. At the same time, considerable economic benefits can be obtained through the sale of electricity on the Internet.Truly reflect Jenmour's energy development and investment capabilities.

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