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Biomass energy is based on the power generation of biomass resources that grow by absorbing carbon dioxide from the fixed atmosphere through photosynthesis. It is considered to be carbon neutral that does not affect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. By using biomass fuels instead of fossil fuels, the earth's overall carbon dioxide emissions can be suppressed and global warming can be prevented.In addition, new industries and employment such as the effective use of biomass resources in the region, the collection and handling of resources, and the operation of power stations have also contributed to the activation of the region.

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Jenmour New Energy

Solar power generation only uses solar energy to generate electricity, so it is a clean energy source that does not produce waste, drainage, noise, and vibration.In addition, Jinma New Energy is responsible for all processes from development to construction and maintenance after the start of operation, and is committed to the operation of power stations that are closely connected to the region and are safe and stable.


Geothermal power generation is a method of generating electricity by heating steam or hot water to a turbine generator at a high temperature underground near a volcano.Although the power generation capacity of the equipment itself is smaller than that of solar power and wind power, it is a stable power supply. Compared with the power generation capacity, the power generation capacity is large and the equipment utilization rate is high.Regardless of the weather, it can generate electricity 24 hours a day.

Jenmour New Energy

Hydroelectric Power

Jenmour New Energy

The basic principle is to use the water level gap to cooperate with the hydroelectric generator to generate electricity, that is, to use the potential energy of the water to be converted into the mechanical energy of the hydroelectric generator, and then use the mechanical energy to drive the generator to obtain electricity.Scientists use the natural conditions of the water level gap to effectively use fluid engineering and mechanical physics, and carefully match them to achieve the highest power generation capacity for people to use cheap and pollution-free electricity.

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