Wind Energy

Wind  Energy

How to improve the utilization rate of wind energy and promote wind energy consumption has always been the key research topic of Jenmour New Energy. Through the use of independent research and development of energy conversion technology, based on wind turbines, we have designed multifunctional fan products that convert wind energy into three energy sources: cold, hot and electricity.To meet the hot and cold needs of customers in different regions, it can do heating, cooling, power generation and Internet access in spare time.

The wind at night in most areas is often stronger than during the day, but the electricity consumption at night is very small, that is, when the wind is strong, it is the trough of electricity consumption in the power grid.A lot of power generated at night is wasted, which results in a low utilization rate of wind energy. 


During the “valley” period of electricity consumption, the excess energy is converted into the form of high-temperature water or low-temperature water and stored. During the “peak” period of electricity consumption, the stored cold and hot water are released to meet the temperature needs of users, and the “peak cutting and valley filling” of the power grid is realized. Achieve a new balance between supply and demand, and improve the utilization rate and economy of wind energy.


Jenmour New Energy

Can effectively improve the ability to absorb wind power

Jenmour New Energy

Reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of the atmospheric environment

Jenmour New Energy

Reduce the wind abandonment rate and improve the comprehensive utilization of wind energy

Jenmour New Energy

No need to transport and burn coal, making operation and management more convenient

Jenmour New Energy

Realize the “peak cutting and valley filling” of the power grid, reduce the burden of peak adjustment of the power grid, and improve the economy of wind energy utilization

Oilfield water injection unit

Jenmour New Energy

System composition

PLC, converter, high-pressure pump set, generator set, grid-connected system, etc.


Working mode

> Water injection + power generation mode

> power generation mode

> The motor drives the pump set to work in the windless state

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