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Social Responsibility

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Environmental considerations are the key to supporting the success of the company's products, and in turn are the basis for supporting the company's business philosophy.
We have been committed to grasping the rhythm of the development of the times, integrating the concepts of smart technology and green energy conservation into enterprise management, and reducing the burden on the environment by delivering clean energy products to the society, and promoting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
Help to develop into a new type of smart energy society that uses clean energy, improves energy efficiency, and innovates energy consumption.
Giving back to society
Jenmour New Energy has always taken "Wisdom to create a better life" as its mission, and uses science and technology to bring a better and sustainable future to mankind. We will continue to vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, build a low-carbon economy, and give back to society with green environmental protection.
 By exerting influence on suppliers, urging them to provide environmentally friendly product materials, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring that Jenmour New Energy's activities meet the regulatory requirements of environmental protection.
Public welfare activities
Care for life and donate blood free of charge. On July 13th, employees were organized to carry out free blood donation activities. Use renewable blood to save lives that cannot be repeated. After physical examinations and screenings, 34 employees were selected to successfully donate blood, with a cumulative blood donation volume of 10,400 ml. Jenmour people use their own practical actions to convey the touch of life.

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