Financial Capital

Financial Capital

1. Credit financing Relying on the excellent credit rating of Jinma Industrial Group Co., Ltd., project loans are made through traditional banks, policy banks and financial institutions.Promote project development and equipment sales, and ultimately promote industrial development.
2. Project financing Relying on the company's long-standing high-quality cooperative relations with central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, funds, etc., Jinma Xinyuan Co., Ltd.'s strong project development capabilities are utilized.Create sufficient conditions for the admission of capital, fully ensure the safety of funds in the project development and preparation stages, attract funds to invest in all stages of the project, and drive industrial upgrading.
3. Equity and debt financing Make full use of the financial and securities markets, through financial leasing and asset securitization.Raise sufficient funds for equipment sales. Use financial capital and leverage to leverage the international and domestic markets and promote industrial optimization.

4. Income rights financing Through a professional team, develop high-quality and high-yield projects to ensure project benefits.Combined with the financial credit of the enterprise, through factoring and other paths.Use the right to income to finance, guarantee the advancement of projects, and leverage the expansion of the industry.

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